About Me

Yes, that’s me

Look and you’ll see

My scarf tied to the back around my head

My eyes scanning for possibility

My arms reaching for an opportunity

My hands clapping with delight

My heart filled with caring

I’m the one you can depend on

I never let you down

My friends call me a clown

I live to laugh

I hope to smile all day

I dream of jokes to say

It’s all as clear as can be

That’s positively, absolutely me

My name is Muna. It pronounces Mona I really don’t know why my parents spelled it with a “U”! I guess they wanted it to be unique 🙂 I am originally from Yemen I grew up there and then moved to Canada when I was around 13 and I’ve lived here ever since. I love travelling, I haven’t done much but it is something I want to do, GOING to do 😀 I graduated from Algonquin College, I’m an Interactive Multimedia Developer. I learned a lot in that program my main focus was in Web developing and video editing, but I also enjoyed my Photography and Graphic Design classes the most.

I love many things in life I pretty much do anything I put my mind and heart into. I like swimming, horse back riding, I love singing. I have been singing since I was a kid my grandpa used to teach me all the patriotic songs and Anasheed (religious muslim songs) and then moved to classic arabic music.  I have a thing for adventures I’m the kind of person you take with you to sky dive and bungee jump! I just LOVE the adrenaline rush. and it doesn’t stop there I enjoy many other things; pretty much anything as long as I have good company. I have always loved taking pictures and videos and looking at pictures and watching old family videos for as long as I can remember. My first Camera was actually a Sony camcorder I got it when I was 18 and it was my treasure at that time. I carried it everywhere with me with those mini tapes. I have this fascination of capturing memorable moments whether on video or pictures. Anytime I feel down or stressed I just sit down and look at them. For every picture, for every video, there was a story or a good moment to remember. I can never get tired of taking pictures, I TRULY enjoy it although I like to focus on a few projects a year because I like putting all my energy and attention to one project rather than many at the same time or week. I also started picking up on Cinematology lately. God knows maybe I’ll start making my own short films 😉


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